Even Too Much Frozen Can Be A Good Thing…


We are watching A LOT of Frozen at our house.


Four times the first week I mistakenly purchased the Frozen DVD at Target in order to prevent my daughter from ceasing to love me.

So I’m walking around my office singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?”

Yes, that is annoying.  Even though I’m only doing it in my head.

One of the songs that I picked up during this torturous experience (you’d think the other two BOY triplets would demand a more measured movie watching experience, oh but no, they agree to this) was during a troll singfest.  No, you can’t make this up.  Little rocks turn into trolls and start singing.  Aren’t you sad you don’t live with us?

We aren’t saying you can change him

‘Cause people don’t really change

We’re only saying that love’s a force that’s powerful and strange

People make bad choices if they’re mad or scared or stressed

But throw a little love their way, and you’ll bring out their best

True love brings out the best


To continue reading, join me over at God-sized Dreams where you can find out what I learned from Frozen….


{Postscript: On the eve of this post running, two weeks after I wrote it, this was the scene in my house:

The kids are in the hall between their bedrooms, despite us having put them to bed an hour ago, reenacting Frozen:
Boy #1 aka Anna says, “I just can’t live like this anymore….” (Hubby from the hallway - you can’t live like this anymore?)
Boy #2 aka Elsa says, “Then leave!” (Hubby from the hallway – don’t leave!)
Little bit is directing, “no, you need to finish it” (and then supplies the next line).
Then they launch into Let it Go.
It was too funny to make them go to bed.}

What An Easter Snail Invasion Has To Do With Leading


So this post is only for grown ups.

Adults responsible for planning Easter festivities.

At my house, we tell the story of the real meaning of Easter and we also have an early morning Easter egg hunt.  You know, it is three four year olds.  They’re loving a good Easter egg hunt.

So my hubby gets up at 5:30 in the morning to hide the eggs in the front yard and backyard and the driveway in between.  He was serious about the kids not busting the bunny.

I was serious about there being enough eggs to go around.

eggsSo I stuffed stickers and Reese’s and jelly beans for nearly two hours.  We filled a bag and off he went.  The kids were up before 7 and off to the hunt.  This means the eggs had probably been outside about an hour and a half before discovered.  Because of a previous year’s infestation of ants, my dearest had sprayed those durn ants days before in order to ward them off.  Maybe ants scare away snails.

This is my logic given that we had a massive outbreak of SNAILS.  That’s right.  Baskets overflowing with eggs are proudly carried into the house.  The unpacking of the eggs begins in earnest when we spot the first one.  We think it’s just an oddity.  Until we notice that the baby’s basket is full of snails (and by full, I mean about six – that seems like an epidemic to me).  And then my hubby notices that they are IN THE EGGS and responds, “Hmmm, I wonder how that happened?”  While my freak out was nearly at full throttle as a wayward snail made its way across the tile floor of our playroom leaving a slimy little trail.

ACK!  Anyone?  What the heck?

And why is this post appearing on leadership Tuesdays?

This was my revelation as I was trying to come up with a leadership post in the throes of a completely nutty week.

Leading is like an Easter egg hunt with some sneak attack snails.  It’s fun.  You have to run around and investigate and work and then you end up with a wonderful group of good eggs.  Sometimes, the good eggs that end up with you as their leader are invaded by something not so good.  So you have to gently eradicate the thing that’s not so good and relocate it so the good eggs aren’t completely ruined.  Or every once in a while you have to radically eradicate the thing that’s not so good for the good of all the rest.  Sometimes, you have to relocate the good eggs to a new creative vehicle for moving forward in order to eliminate the old basket contaminated with slime.  Sometimes, the existing vehicle is just fine for all your good eggs.

Life lesson:  don’t let a few (slimy) roadblocks stop your leadership momentum – those eggs need you!


What You Do When You Have 10 Women Over For The Weekend


Holy. Moly.

I am so excited.  The girlfriend part of me.  That part is so excited I could pee in my pants.

But I am also freaking out a little bit.  (Or a lot.)  The entertaining perfectionist part of me.

Y’all, before kids, I LOVED to entertain.  I did all sorts of fun stuff with themes and ideas and décor.  I still love it, but the theme is notably younger and less breakable.

This weekend I am hosting nine friends and my fellow editors and authors of God-sizedDreams.com at my home for our first annual planning meeting.  My darling hubby is taking the kids to the farm while all my friends fly in from around the country Friday morning and will be here in H-town until Sunday evening.  It may never be the same.

But the grown up reality is that no one stays overnight at your house unless they are blood-related to you.  That means all those things you hide in the guest bedroom or stow away in the bathroom cabinets are uncovered if visitors hang around longer than four hours.


The perfectionist part of me is ready to stay up all night every night until they get here trying to get the space REALLY ready.  I actually considered taking down sheet rock in the non remodeled bathroom (I came to my senses, no need for an intervention).

There will be 10 women and two bathrooms.  There will be 10 women with seven sleeping spots.

Then everything Lisa Jo Baker ever wrote about her crazy little rental house came back at me.  I love how she transformed how to look at hospitality with all my house imperfections:

After five years in this small house with all the brown paneling I’ve learned a lot about big hospitality. And no matter how much you clean or remodel or move or rebuild, hospitality will always be more a matter of the heart than the architecture.  And your guests will only feel as comfortable in your house as you feel in your own skin. And there’s no shame in paper plates if they’re heaped high with delight in each others’ company.”

My entire hallway has a bigger marker stripe down it that I can’t get out to save my life.  The playroom will not look orderly despite my attempts at organization.  We did finally get the foam tiles out of it, but the tile is cracked and the furniture is well loved.  Our kitchen table has dents and the door over our trash can is trying to come off the hinges.  But as Lisa Jo shared when her husband invited a family over anyways, it shouldn’t matter:

Turned out, [he] wasn’t limited by the size of our house. Because he had big hospitality in mind. He said we should give them our master bedroom and we’d take the inflatable mattress in the playroom, even if it was only for a night. The kids could camp out on mattresses and sofa cushions in the living room. He was determined that our homesick boys would get a full dose of family. And that meant sleepovers included.  We made dinner a taco fiesta buffet and everyone ate anywhere they were comfy. …In the four years we’ve lived here our house has never felt as big as it did that week.  I learned that big hospitality has nothing to do with the size of your house.

So you know what?  I’m just going to be excited.  I will clean more than usual.  My husband has actually commented my GSD friends should come over more often given my responsiveness about household projects.  But there will still just be two bathrooms connected by a big marker stripe down the wall.  And showing all those imperfections is a price worth paying for 48 hours of fellowship with some soul sisters.

Good Gifts

She curled up next to me, tightly wound and holding hands, as we finished the movie.  The boys had set off on a new adventure last night and we were having a low key evening all our own.  We had all kissed and hugged goodbyes and said our prayers for safe travels.

As the movie and story time ended, we watched the projected stars twinkle on the ceiling and I slipped away to write a few words.

I’d gone through a few posts for today.  Fashion Friday seemed out of place on such a holy day.  Then I read these words,

Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”  (Matthew 7)

A picture of a Father full of grace.  Full of love.  He wants to provide and give good gifts.

In that moment last night, cuddled up with one of the four people I love the most in the world, I would have done anything for her.  Anything in my power.  To bring her joy.  To keep her safe.  To show her how to live a full life.

Isn’t that why we recognize Good Friday?  Because our Father did everything in His power, even the most heartbreaking thing by giving His son, to bring us joy, to keep us safe, to show us how to live a full life.

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