Best Friends Day

It’s best friends day.  Or so says Dora the Explorer this morning at 7:30 a.m. from a t.v. in the baby’s hospital room.  Yes, today was Day 4.  Little did I imagine when we arrived at Texas Children’s at 5 a.m. Saturday that we would be admitted, much less staying to Day 4.  But as a result, I got to see Dora explore the depths of friendships.

The reason I loved watching this episode curled up on the hospital bed with my little man is because the past few days have been like best friends explosions in my life.  I have had more help, and offers of help, than you can imagine.  I posted a few hospital updates on Facebook and suddenly the offers rolled in.  My best friend Mary ran food up to me and picked up food for a party I was supposed to host Sunday that ended up occurring in a relocated spot at a park.  My darling friend Amy who is pregnant and moving to Italy brought me a basket of goodies designed with the caregiver in mind because she knows first hand what a hospital momma needs from all her days in Texas Children’s cancer ward.  My neighborhood mom friend ran groceries by the house so the kids would have fresh fruit and milk.  I had a mom I just met at a working moms event offer repeatedly to help – and we literally met LAST WEEK!  And of course mom and Bray were constantly working the logistics out with me.  Bray’s family even offered to relocate Thanksgiving to Houston so we could see everyone.

Do men do this?  Rally like this around a fallen solider if they’re not actually on a war battleground?  I don’t know, but I sure am glad to be a woman today.   It is so hard for me to accept help, but the reality is that I like to offer help so why wouldn’t I take it when I truly am in need.   I love that God is so faithful to minister through human hands and not just in the realm of the unseen.  If you are struggling to get through a challenging set of circumstances today, then please reach out and accept help when offered.  And if you are in a season of blessing, then remember to be the hands that help others in need.

We were released from the hospital today.  The precious baby is on the mend, as are the other two beautiful ones that I missed so much while I was in the hospital.  So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.


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