Sneak Peek and 2nd Give Away

Well thanks all you sweet amazing beautiful friends and mommas and working women for the love and support.  Yesterday’s winners for the Ouisie’s Table gift certificates are:

Lauralee Denton; Kimberly Vogel; and Stephanie Daley

(If you’re not in Houston – let me know and I’ll swap you for another give away.)

Today’s give away (for every 10th subscriber – right there on the right hand side you can sign up) is Starbucks bucks :)  I’ll let you in on something – my husband is not a fan of Starbucks.  Yet my dad and my darling husband buy me gift cards every birthday and Christmas because I love coffee so so so much, and a Starbucks on my way to work Friday mornings is such a treat.  HOWEVER, with three kids and a nanny and Pre-K 2, I don’t have the budget for it anymore.  So I hope the winners enjoy this little gift card just as much as I enjoy them when they arrive in my stocking!

I’m giving a sneak peek today at a couple of things coming in 2013.  This fall I have really enjoyed our study, Fall Back Into Faith, where we’ve looked at Faith, Family, Fortune, and Fun.  I have two more installments on “Fun” before it concludes, so I hope you will wrap up this study with us.  Beginning in January, I will be posting a weekly We Are What God Calls Us series from a chapter of a book I’m writing for working women.  I am a super type A chick and all too often I get caught up in awards and labels and promotions.  I start to forget that my true value and worth comes from the labels God places on my life.  If I could just remember that everything beyond God’s value is “extra,” then there will be fewer ups and downs and missed turns on this road He is building for me.

The light fun series I’m rolling out in January is Fashion Fridays.  I think Friday is the perfect day to turn this little blog into something light for working women.  For years I have played amateur make over artist for willing friends.  I could pack a restaurant full of gorgeous fun girlfriends, but I think we all struggle during times of changing size, age, career, and family.  That uncertainty turns into a struggle to stay fashionable, updated, and work appropriate.  So on Fashion Fridays, we’ll do discussions on topics I get from you or from conversations I’m having with friends.  I am NO Stacy & Clinton (and why is What Not to Wear not on now?), but I am a full-time career momma with a different size waist than on my wedding day and I have three young kids.  So I live the dilemma.   Some of the first few posts will be the perfect cocktail dress for a work event, what to look for in a great work handbag, and new news on suits.

So I hope you’ll keep subscribing or sending your friends over – you know they have to share their give-away with you if they win!


  1. Yay! I won! Unfortunately I’m not local to you…Can I get a swap?


  2. Gindi,
    Congratulations on your blog! You’ve created a beautiful landing for all women. I look forward to receiving your updates and seeing how you evolve and morph as you grow!

    Best of luck to you!

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