Bathtub Bliss

I love bathrooms.  Specifically, I love bathtubs.  And bathing in them.

When I was single, I would get home from a long day of badgering someone in a deposition and pour myself a glass of wine and pick up the book of the week I was immersed in and crawl into my bathtub.  I would just sit there and soak and relax and read.  Ahhhh. 

I love bathtubs so much that when Bray and I got married, and I moved into the house that was his, I remodeled the “guest” bathroom and installed an extra deep jacuzzi tub.  I would do the exact same thing with reading and soaking but normally only when he was out of town. 

Then we had kids.  That jacuzzi tub?  It’s the kids.  And, big shocker, it’s broken.  When you live in a two bathroom house with five people and there’s only one bathtub and three of the five people are in Pre-K 2, a jacuzzi tub is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. 

However……..I was on vacation this weekend.  I’ll write more about that later.  But for now, I’d like to relish in my bathtub memories.  Let me introduce you to our room:


From this lovely oasis, I slipped a few steps down the hall into the bathroom with FEET WARMING tiles.  Y’all, we aren’t fancy.  We don’t have heated bathroom floors.  They rock.


What you can’t tell, but you’re about to be able to, hold your breath, is that to the right was this humongous steam shower and to the left was………drum roll please….a double sunken jacuzzi tub.  This bathtub had a computer menu connected to it on the wall.  You could set the intensity, the duration, the headrest, the type of bubbles coming out, and then it had some self-drying feature that freaked me out the first time it started after my bath because it sounded like a jet engine.  Let me introduce you to my favorite feature in our room:


Here’s my happy place.  See that, a BIG fiction book sitting on the ledge?  Nothing to do with parenting or energy or leadership.  Just fiction.  About 450 pages of unnecessary reading.  See that object sitting next to it?  That’s a glass of champagne.  Bubbles in the glass to go with the bubbles in my bathtub.  And that window, it overlooked our patio lounge chairs and indoor/outdoor fireplace.  Hello 40, you’ve never looked so good. 

Now my body doesn’t look the same in that bathtub as it did when I was single and doing the same thing.  But you know, I appreciate that bathtub a whole HECK of a lot more now than I did then.  I also got these special bath salts from the concierge, so I smelled a little like brown sugar and rosemary (there were two kinds of bath salts, and one accidentally dumped in the tub, so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to smell like rosemary and brown sugar at the same time, but who cares). 

I am happy to be home.  I was so happy to kiss all over my little ones this morning, early morning.  But I loved that time away.  I loved taking a half hour jacuzzi bath.  And I’m feeling awfully relaxed today.


  1. We have a jacuzzi tub too, and right now, it has boats and hooded bathtowels and baby soap all over/in it!

    I’m so glad your weekend–and your bathtub– was fabulous. I only hope my 40th is half as nice!

  2. Page Geske says:

    I love baths too Gindi. Another thing we have in common. And I have taught my 16 and 13 year old boys how important it is as an athlete to take Epsom Salt baths after a hard workout or a tournament- etc. Sometimes I cannot find my 13 yr old and he is in the bathtub with his IPOD and “jammin out Mom” to tunes!
    And they make these lovely salts in lavendar, and even stressfree, muscle relaxing types as well-even boy friendly!. I prayed for your vacation that it was an oasis in a desert so to speak. Renewed couple time- sleeping in and lots of new wine to adore.
    Glad you returned safely- love and hugs!
    Cheers and bubbles!

    • Thanks Page! Yes, definitely an oasis, much needed, rested, and recentered. Thanks for your prayers and my prayers for all your thousands of words are coming your way this week!

  3. From one bath lovin’ girl to another…when we lived in Indonesia, most houses just had showers, no bathtubs…and for five years I missed taking baths like crazy. Twice, we checked into a hotel just so I could take a bath. (Or a dozen…) Loved this post…excited to hear more about your trip! :)

  4. I am SO glad you had such an amazing time at the Farmhouse. I loved loved loved the bathtub there, too. It is by far the best and most relaxing bath I have ever taken. Can’t wait to hear more about the trip!

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