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Today, Holley Gerth’s God-sized dream team is sharing stories of God sized dreams that inspire them.  But do you know what is most inspirational to me?  God-sized dreams in the making.  I love dreamers fighting the fight for their dream despite all odds.  Faithfully staying true to what God calls them even when it feels like that calling might be a curse that year.  I love those women that fight on.

And before I share just a bit about them with you, can I speak over them precious Holley’s words of last week.  She wrote this amazing post called When You Feel A Little Weary….:

Hey You,

You’ve been working hard, haven’t you? Trying your best. Doing what you can.  And sometimes you wonder…does it even matter?

Let me lean and whisper close, “Yes, it matters. And you do too.” More than you know, more than you see.

Your bravery makes a difference. Even when it’s the quiet kind. The kind that simply says, “I will get up today and try again.” That’s powerful, friend. It sends ripples across your world in ways beyond what you know.

Yes, sometimes we get tired. Every single one of us. But we will not be defeated. We will not back down. We will not quit.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. {Gal. 6:9}

There are good things coming, friend. Beneath the surface. Growing with each step you take. And pretty soon they’re going to come bursting through and bloom into joy. So let’s take a deep breath, wrap our arms around each other’s shoulders and say again…

“We can do this–we can do anything–together with Jesus.”

Sweet exhausted dreamers, let Holley’s words settle on your soul.  Like they settled on mine.

Inspiring Kimberly – Y’all, she is called to write what God calls her to write.  This beautiful home-schooling mom of four amazing girls is learning what it means to walk by faith not by sight.  I love her faithfulness as much as I love her struggle.

Inspiring Amy – Oh my precious friend.  She has been my friend as she ran from God, as I ran from God, and as we both ran back to Him.  She has survived a rare and aggressive cancer with her beautiful daughter Sophia. She now sits waiting for their surprise baby, precious Ella Grace, to come out of the NICU.  She is called to serve God’s people.  In the middle of her battlefields you would think she would give up.  But she has not.  And friends, she WILL not.  She is a warrior momma who I love.

Inspiring Christine – Even though I do not know her face to face, I feel like this precious struggling sister is kin.  She just turned 40 this month as I will this year.  She shares her challenges just as she shares her inspiration and dreams and God-sized scary plans.  I am inspired by her battling it out so authentically.

So many of you out there inspire me every day.  You draw me to this keyboard after the kids are down or before they wake in the morning.  You, dear sisters, are like a second home to me.  You inspire me with my dreams.  To keep the faith.  To keep at this.  Whatever this is.  Whatever it is that HE has for me.  For us.




  1. Gindi, oh, sending you big hugs…and a huge thank you! I just can’t put words on what that meant to me. And so perfectly timed for this very morning that I needed it. : ) God is good! I am blessed by your love for Him, your devotion to His plan and the sheer amount of hard work you must put in daily to maintain so very much. (And the fact we are both 40 this year is just so awesome!) YOU inspire ME!! : ) Sending you lots of love from Florida…

  2. Gindi, On a day when my dreams seem to take a backseat to the mundane, along with the struggle of just being honest about my struggles, this was a ray of sunshine and encouragement to just – keep – going. Thanks! Praying for Amy and celebrating with Christine. (Because turning 40 is a celebration!) And girl – we are all celebrating with you as we watch your dreams explode into greater things!

    • Boy don’t I know that most days are more doldrums than dreams – but that’s where God works I’m realizing! Love you!

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