Fashion Fridays: Easter Edition

I wanted to do something light today.  I know that today is Good Friday.  And last year I focused on the import of that, and I have an Easter Sunday post planned that piggy-backs on my Palm Sunday post.  But given how worn out I am from this week, I’m just going to do a short light post for today. 

I grew up getting a new dress for church every Easter Sunday.  We didn’t have much money, but I always knew that my mom (or my Mimi) would get me a new church dress for Easter.  I have such happy memories of Easter.  The celebration of faith and family.  And I loved getting that new dress.  So here’s a few highlights of some pretty new dresses for all of us grown up girls for Easter Sunday, keeping in mind I’m a classics girl.  I’m probably not getting a new one this year so I can live vicariously through these pictures:


Let me know if you lucky duck get a new dress.  And either way, have a beautiful Easter celebration.


  1. LOVE that red one…any ideas where it is from? :)

    • Kristin – I meant to put where they came from, duh!!! They are all from Talbot’s, Ann Taylor Loft, or Nordstrom. The red one is Talbot’s – and they have a 25% off everything sale going!

  2. Rae Sinor says:

    I went to Stein Mart to find mine and found SEVERAL to choose from. My actual dress cost $79 but 2 beautiful runner ups were only $39!! Colors galore there, perfect for Spring and Easter Sunday!!!

    • Ooh, great tip Rae – maybe I can sneak in a trip to Stein Mart :) All my talbot’s dresses I was drooling over were $150……

      • Stephanie Daley says:

        FYI– Talbots is running 30% off your purchase in-store (instead of the 25% off on-line.)

      • Rae Sinor says:

        You will not be disappointed!! I went ahead and bought all 3, :-) just because they were such a great deal and I needed some new church dresses! I don’t work so don’t need TOO many professional outfits. Beautiful corals, turquoise, emerald greens..lots of crisp whites!!! Oh, and go and check out their new selection of summer scarfs! A great way to add another splash of color!!!

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