Fashion Fridays: Scarves & Belts

I love accessories.  Well, let me caveat that.  I love necklaces.  Fun, big, statement necklaces.  I’m in a bit of a quandary over scarves.  I think people look really cool in them.  I’m not totally sure about scarves and me though.  I have bought two this past season that were really long because I decided that my problem was scarves was that I did not have enough fabric to work with.  Now, with these new ones, I can double them over and do that pull through trick that is super easy and actually does add a bit of spit and polish to an outfit.  Finally, I’m not a belt girl.  I love the way people look in belts but I’m concerned with my body type it would really highlight some weight issues I have around my middle….  Then I got this Fashion Fridays question from a girlfriend of mine, “I used to see people wear longer nice blouses or sweaters untucked with a slim little belt over them.  Talbots advertised that and others.  I think this is when we were pregnant.  Is that a fad/still in fashion/a do or don’t? Maybe a discussion about belts in the work place would be good especially with lower rise pants.”

Did y’all fall out of your seat laughing – well, I did because I misunderstood.   It took me forever to realize she was saying that the trend was in fashion when we were pregnant together and not that it was a trend for pregnant people.   Then I also thought, ugh, I don’t have a lot of great advice on belts.  However, I’ve spent a little time looking at what’s happening with scarves and belts –and they’re being used as much, if not more, as jewelry to impact your work outfit. 

We are not seeing as much of the skinny belt over the shirt.  Now, you do still see belts, and the skinny ones are being paired with pants and dresses.  There’s also a resurgence of mid-sized and wide belts – again, pairing with a jacket or dress, but not as much with oversized shirts as a cincher.  There’s nothing like the flurry of scarves highlighted everywhere – from Pinterest to stores.  I even have one on today for my casual Friday outfit.  So I’m highlighting a couple of fun looks for the office workplace, but these are dependent on the type of office you work in and the type of figure you have (especially with these belt looks). 

Here are ways to wear a skinny belt – you can go from a belted suit to a more casual look:


Here are ways to wear scarves at work.  And there’s a cool website that shows you in a video how to tie scarves different ways if you need help below & I’ve included a few of their suggestions below as well:





How do you use scarves and belts?  I could use your help on this one!

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