Fashion Fridays – Shopping On-Line

Alright, no one believes this, but I hate shopping.  Let me rephrase – I hate malls and shopping centers.  I, sadly, love on-line shopping. 

So I’ve had several questions about where I shop.  Let me preface this by saying that I have worn anything from a size 8 to a 12 and I am not petite (I’m 5’10), so that may impact what specialty shops you have to seek out.  Also, my style is pretty classic, so I am not about to provide you with a lot of on-trend options because I don’t know where those are.  I have some of the basics covered with my repertoire and then a few cool little extras.

For cocktail dresses:  I almost exclusively shop at Nordstrom.  Their on-line variety is second to none from style, size, and variety.  Plus I can exchange or return items to my local Nordstrom (which some folks don’t have, but on-line returns are pretty easy). 

For suits:  I’m looking for ideas here folks.  I hit the basics, but recently I have not been able to find good suit places.  I have historically used: Dillard’s, Neiman’s (don’t freak out here – they offer sales regularly on-line and the last two suits I bought there were $150 or less! – people have no idea you can get deals at Neiman Marcus), Ann Taylor (not lately), Talbots, and Banana Republic.  J. Crew has never really worked for me.  What am I missing?  Do people just not sell more formal work wear anymore?

For jeans:  Banana Republic or Old Navy.  I like that they have “tall” lengths.  (For work trousers, Ann Taylor and Talbots also have tall, just as they have petites.)

For shoes:  Almost exclusively DSW but sometimes I find a can’t resist at Zappos.

For everything else:

Boden – y’all they have the cutest stuff, now that is totally dependent on their season’s collection, but I often find cool items – this is something they have available this spring:Capture1Sosie – I have found some cute tops and accessories here for remarkably low prices.

reddressAsos – They have some super cute dresses that are reasonably priced and a ton of variety.  This adorable little red dress is only $64.

Topshop – Here’s my thing on Topshop, I do look there, and I know everyone swears there are cool clothes, but I can’t find stuff here. I leave it to you and the cooler people.

Ann Taylor Loft – I go back and forth with ATL, but right now they’re doing a lot of black and white which is adorable and if you get coupons then it’s reasonable, certainly more reasonable than its mothership whose stuff I’ve not even been nuts about lately.  I mean isn’t this cute (and they have a black & white blazer I am digging too):


There’s always the department stores which I will check  because they have “on-line” down – Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and even JC Penney for casual bright t-shirts.  I’ve never had much luck at BlueFly but some people do.  I also periodically check the trinity of Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic.  Occasionally I remember to shop White House/Black Market, Target, J Crew and Talbots and have some success. 

Where do you shop?  What’s your favorite hidden gem?


  1. I am hit or miss with Loft also. I purchased 2 sweaters in the Fall, one for work and one for at home. The one for work has not held up at all and I am upset because they are supposed to be a quality store. I do not expect my Old Navy purchases to last forever ( although i have dressy black pants from them that even going on 8 years still look new) but Loft should last through a season. I rcently switched jobs, I was a full ti

    • Ok, Ipad glitch so I did not finish my post! In anycase I switched jobs in October from full time Autistic support teacher to a part time preschool special ed teacher. At my old job, dressing up past nicer khakis was not expected because we got messy frequently! As a preschool teacher I assumed it would be the same but the expectation is a bit higher and I am struggling! I sometimes am working with kids who are painting, playing on the floor, etc.
      I have heard good things about the adult clothing part of Gymboree, Shade. I also love our local consignment shop. I am able to get some higher end clothes for less. I like
      getting my scarves from kohls with coupons. I was able to get a nice interview suit there but I am not sure how well it will hold up! I will hopefully not need it again for awhile.

      • I do love that you highlighted when things wear well (or not) – I didn’t even mention that, but that really should be a factor in where we shop because if things fall apart after a couple of wears, we shouldn’t still be shopping there – I’m going to keep an eye out on my last ATL purchase & see if it meets the same fate.

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