Fashion Fridays: Summer Layering for Work

I have no idea where you live, but I live in Houston where it gets HOT.  Despite yesterday’s anomalous weather, it’s normally hot by May and unreal by August.  This presents a bind for us working women because inevitably the outside thermometer reads 102 while our office thermometers read 68.  Ahem.  Good luck with that. 

However, there are some great layering options for work as we begin preparing to pull out our spring/summer wardrobe (I know you northerners are clicking to a new website since you’re digging out from this last snow storm!).

1.  The blazer.  This is the easiest of all solutions.  Get a well cut blazer in four colors and throw it on with your trousers or your pencil skirts or your dresses.  Don’t toss it on until you walk into the office building so as to avoid sweating, and throw it over your arm if you have to walk to lunch.  With a dress, you can even get a longer coat that can look super chic.

 A few disclaimers: while this Anne Hathaway dress isn’t work appropriate, you could certainly use the jacket; for the headless woman’s option, while I LOVE the look, I would pair with skinny trousers because you should NOT be wearing mini dresses into the office; for the two “Limited” women in blazers I would not wear such strappy sandals to the office; and for the dress only photo, imagine this with a black blazer – I was too in love with this dress not to include it:


 2.  The cardigan.  Another perfect layering piece though often not as warm as the blazer.  Now this can look very dowdy if you’re not comfortable, but it really can take any shape or form you want with the right bottom layer or accessories.  Take for example this orange cardi, ignore the insane hair and makeup, but how cute (and work appropriate) does this look with a button down and scarf?  And I think the amazing four ways this woman found to wear a simple pink cardi are genius!  Plus, it’s not always your mother’s cardigan – this chic black and white batwing cardigan is perfect for those transition days (though note again you’d need a longer hemline):


 Let me know what you do for those hot outside/cold inside environments and don’t forget to send me a work fashion question you’ve got on your mind!

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