Fashion Fridays: The Importance of Jewelry

I have several friends that have completely overhauled their wardrobe and are so modern and fashionable but absolutely RESIST accessorizing.  No changing earrings, necklaces, handbags or scarves for them. 

Now I understand the appeal of a simple diamond stud or gold hoop for earrings and being done with the whole accessory game, but you are missing out on the finishing touches of a wardrobe.  The polish.  The pizzazz.  It’s like an ice cream sundae, a really good one, without the whipped cream.  The sundae is so yummy, but…….

So here are simple tips for those who try to avoid changing their jewelry:

1.  There’s no need to amp up jewelry if you’re wearing an embellished wardrobe item. 

Take these great examples from Ann Taylor this fall.  The first blouse has shimmer, pattern and a bow, so you don’t need anything other than simple silver, gold, or gemstone earrings.  The second has a lace inset, so the model tops it off perfectly with simple earrings and bracelet.  There’s no need for a lot of noise here because the apparel serves as the “jewelry”:


2.  Use accessories (especially necklaces) that fit your size and personality. 

If you aren’t crazy about standing out, then wearing an oversized purple stone necklace may not work for you.  If you don’t mind a little attention and you’re taller than five feet tall, maybe it works.  Try to pair your style, sensibility and size with each jewelry item you aquire.  Look at the spectrum of ideas from Kendra Scott’s line – everything from the bohemian to the classic, from the bold to the glam:

kendra kendra4kendra3  kendra5

3.  Don’t over accessorize. 

Find the piece you want to spotlight and don’t make it compete for attention.  Pair killer earrings with minimal or no neck accessory.  If you have a fabulous statement necklace, wear simple earrings.  Don’t feel compelled to match – just use complimenting colors or metallics.   Both of these items from Stella & Dot illustrate that idea – the statement necklace with a simple top and pair of earrings as well as the interesting chandelier earrings with no necklace (just a high neckline which is a lovely way to pair a chandelier earring).


 Whatever the case, there is a fit for you.  Don’t be frightened away from statement jewelry just because you’ve never used it before.  There are more lovely items on the market today than ever before and ways to customize them to fit your style and personality.  Don’t forget to take the extra two minutes to add the whipped cream to your sundae!


  1. I stopped by and very much enjoyed reading your blog! Savor your long weekend!

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