Fashion Fridays: The Perfect Heel

I may have mentioned this.  I love heels.  I wear heels every day to work.  I can appreciate an adorable flat, but I love nothing better than a fabulous heel.  So today I’m going to highlight the perfect work heels on the market.

The pump that goes with anything you wear to the office:


Y’all, I have now purchased this Bandolino shoe twice.  I may buy it again just in case my current pair fail me and these get pulled from the stores for some reason.  They have been on the market for years.  They are the perfect height.  They are the perfect color because they go with any neutral or any non-neutral color you could dream up to wear.  They are so comfortable.  And they are $49.95 at DSW.  I love this shoe. 

The basic black closed toe pump that everyone needs in their wardrobe:


Go as high as you are comfortable without being outlandish.  This one is just over 3 inches.  Simple closed toe black leather.  Everyone needs this basic shoe in their work closet. 

Then I have an assortment of others as a part of my work wardrobe: a darker taupe heel, I love taupe shoes; a pair each of brown and navy; I have an zany animal print pair for fun less formal work days; I may have mentioned I’m a little obsessed with finding the perfect gray shoe; and finally some with brighter colors or a mix/trim/bow/peep.  Here’s a few of what I’m liking out on the market right now, and most are at DSW and cost less than $100:




  1. I LOVE THIS!! I am now determined to go buy that same pair of heels from Bandolino. I too love their shoes! I tend to wear mine out…. the back heel piece always comes off of any heels I buy HA. I love your selection. My style!

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