Fashion Fridays: Work Hair

Alright, do you have short hair?  Then you have it easier than me and most of my friends.  I don’t have LONG hair, but I have kept my hair long enough to throw into a ponytail.  My reality is that my hair doesn’t always get washed on the weekends that I’m solo with the kids and that means: PONYTAILS.  If I couldn’t have a ponytail, then I would lose it.

But….those ponytails bleed over into work.  I’ve been asked if a ponytail is appropriate for work.  I think there are different opinions on ponytails for work, but you CAN make it more sophisticated than say the unwashed momma weekend ponytail.  Plus, there are a few other options for you ponytail girls out there.  Let’s make a pact, if you try one of these, then I’ll try one too.

The Bun – messy, formal, high or low, these can be a slightly more sophisticated option to the ponytail:


The Flatiron – let’s admit it, your hair can last on day 2 of post-washing if you just flat iron it a little:


The Half-Up, Half-Down – I do this a lot but if you use the more discreet little bobbypins it will look much more polished than a clip:


The Ponytail – it certainly has its place; you can do a high or low ponytail, wrap hair around it to obscure the wrap, or backcomb the front to get some height – just make sure you no longer own scrunchies:



  1. Great options here! I have short hair, so I don’t wear ponytails. However, I do have a few looks for work-sleek (molded flat with a side part), soft curls/waves and spiky-which is reserved for causal Fridays only.

    • Shavonnah – I love this! And you’re right, short hair definitely can go from super professional to fun and edgy – I love your hair!

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