Hard Week

No long post today.  It’s been an exhausting week.  My mother was admitted to the hospital on Monday and was as sick as I’ve seen her.  That alone wipes you out.  But when you’re shuttling between a new job and a hospital and you want to get home to see your kids because you know you have to travel on business, then you really get wiped out.

That’s when you fall in love all over again with your unbelievable husband who seriously knows how to come through in a crisis.  He’s basically been on call all week because I was at the hospital and then packing and then canceling my trip….  And I’ve been an emotional wreck.  Feeling like I’m failing as a wife and mother and daughter and worker and on and on.  I completely lost it Monday night and that was Day 1 of my five day week.  I was stressed about missing the kids Easter party at school today because of my trip, though my husband was willing to handle it complete with party fruit tray, Easter eggs to hunt, and Easter hats for the parade (which you may remember from last year turned me inside out, so they were outsourced this year).

I had an amazing group of friends praying me through this week.  Hour by hour.  And praying for my momma every single day so that she could get out of the hospital.  It really shakes you to see your parents sick.  My dad was in the hospital last month.  I wasn’t there but it shook my brother who was with him.

In the midst of my crisis, Bray and I watched some more of The Bible.  We’ve been DVR-ing and watching it in 30 minute increments.  There is something so profound about watching the stories instead of just reading them.  Hearing Mary share her baby’s name with the wise men, “His name is Jesus.”  Seeing the angel of the Lord protect his men in the fiery inferno.   Standing present as Jesus climbed into the boat with Peter to call him.  Watching hands actually break the bread at the Last Supper.

It’s been a hard week.  But joy comes in the morning.  We are about to celebrate the most absolute joy in the morning this Sunday.  If you are struggling as I am this week, let that hope and joy and promise sustain you today.

Psalm 30: Sing the praises of the Lord, you his faithful people; praise his holy name….weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.


  1. AMEN Gindi…Continuing to pray for your Mama….I know it’s had to be a tough week for you! I hear the pain in your words and writing. Saying a prayer for YOU TOO! Keith and I just returned a week ago from Israel on a tour with our Pastor and many members of our church family. We got to walk where Jesus walked and on our last day we visited the tomb where his body was believed to have been laid…..But as we all know how the story ends…HE IS RISEN…HE IS RISEN INDEED! This trip brought the Bible ALIVE to us like I don’t think we were even expecting! We serve a GOD that is bigger than any hurt or pain or fear we could ever face. I just wept at the Garden when I thought about Jesus being there and leaning on the same trees still there today, praying and weeping himself about what He knew was about to happen! We are forever changed having been in His City…GOD is so good, just let Him carry you thru this too!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!

    • Thank you Rae – for your words and your prayers. What an amazing trip – I so hope to make that trip myself some day. I’d love to see you guys & hear all about it. Maybe we can plan a get together with Charlie & Kathryn. Love to you both.

  2. So thankful for JOY that comes in the midst of struggle. I’ll say a prayer for your mama, and for you!

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