I’m Just Going to be “That” Mom Today

Alright, so I am SO proud of my kids.  They’re really funny and bright and cute and curious and energetic.  I am a little weird about bragging on them (outside of family) because I don’t want to be “that” mom that is always saying her kid is so perfect and will win the Nobel Peace Prize and set an Olympic record and on and on.  Plus, I think sometimes bragging about your perfect kids (because truly, each child IS perfect to his or her own family) results in needless comparison.  As a mom who has felt like a complete failure when my kids weren’t eating homemade organic food and traveling abroad and participating in music lessons and swim lessons and enrichment classes while their two year old peers were, I know what all that weird-mom guilt looks like. 

But I was sharing my braggy story with a good friend this week and she said, “you should write about that.”  I gave her all my reasons to which she responded, “whatever, write about them!”  So….since this is my blog, and even though it’s a lot less about family then it was at its inception when no one read it, I’m just going to be THAT mom today and brag.  I spent this weekend with the boys.  Daddy took little bit to the farm to ride horses after her dance recital.  (And yes, despite my chagrin over the dance thing, she was adorable and perfect at her first, and last, recital!)


So I had the boys and we had SO MUCH fun.  They behave almost without disciplinary incident once they are separated from each other.  Plus we were super busy.  We got haircuts and new tennis shoes (my babies are almost out of double-digit sized toddler shoes – boo!) and went to the Aquarium and McDonald’s playyard (a first) and ran errands and had treats at the local bakery.  What total fun.  They ask a zillion questions.  Smart questions.  They notice everything.  We rode the ferris wheel a few times and I was amazed at what they noticed from the top of the wheel – and how fearless they are.  I love that.  They are these ravenous readers that will sit for ages letting me read or reading on their own at bedtime.  We inspect our big world map on the wall in the kitchenette and they want to know about the world and culture.  I sit in amazement. 


Well, we are very blessed to have been accepted into the one school that both Bray and I fell in love with for the kids in the fall.  Lord willing, they’ll be there from Pre-K3 to 8th grade.  It’s this welcoming community with progressive methods of teaching kids in the most individual and targeted way.  Perfect for my little individuals who are so different and learn things uniquely.  After meeting with the head of the preschool program this week, I got independent confirmation of how well they really are learning and flourishing.  They all three tested insanely well on a test that is  geared to understand how they process knowledge.  It reflects how beyond three years old their learning is and, as a momma who absolutely loved school and knowledge and could have stayed in school for ages if I hadn’t needed to make money, I just love that.  I love that we’re being good stewards of the curiosity and bright minds that God entrusted to us. 

I am so far from perfect you can’t even see me from the perfect line (wherever that is – has anyone seen it? send me a picture), but I am SO proud of my kids.  I am thrilled they love math as much as art and reading as much as geography.  I know we’ll have hard school years ahead, but I am just bursting with pride that we’re getting off on the right foot.  That learning is something that is positive for them at the outset.  So thanks for indulging me today – I loved sharing about them with you.


  1. And we love reading about them! BRAG ON!!!!

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