Laughing with Three Year Old Triplets

I’m wiped out after writing the past couple days.  Let’s laugh today – I’m going to share my funny kid stories and I would love to hear your funny stories too. 

I laughed until I cried a few nights ago.  My mom took us to Los Tios, our favorite dining out place.  Mexican food is always easy with the kids, but Los Tios is super casual and has semi-circle booths so you can trap the kids in during dinner by seating an adult on either end.  The table across from us was celebrating a birthday.  The waiters came out with those big sombrero hats and sang happy birthday.  At the point where you sing the person’s name, they sang, “Happy Birthday To/La Posita…”  At least I think they said Posita.  I don’t know if it’s a Spanish word or just the person’s name. 

But the baby, he REACTS.  He thinks they said, “cheetah.”   Y’all, I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type (I know you can’t envision this but he is SUPER expressive).  He exclaims, loudly: “CHEETAH!  What the heck was that?  CHEETAH?!?!?!  That’s not a person’s name.  That’s an animal!  You can’t name a person that. CHEETAH!?!?” 

Oh my lord, I fell over laughing so hard.  I couldn’t see the tears were streaming.  I wish I’d taken a video camera so you could appropriately appreciate his hilarity.  He is SO expressive and is destined to be a comedian or a derelict or a preacher or an actor :) 

Also, the other morning they were all three in bed with us and the little lady said, “Mommy I need to tell you sompeen!”  (She says this all the time to get my attention.)  Continuing, she says, “The other day, when Maria was here, S__ was laying down and I tried to pet him and he WOULDN’T let me!”  To which the baby emphatically replied, “It’s because we’re NOT dogs!” 

They’re learning how to say all their words correctly and it’s kind of bumming me out.  For a while we’ve had their interpretation – all of them say effalent instead of elephant and the eldest says heptacopter instead of helicopter, and the little lady has lots of them including sompeen instead of something.  But it’s starting to fade.  They sound so grown up :(  What’s really going to kill me is when the little man’s hysterical cackle turns into a boy’s laugh.  They are so proud of being big kids, but I’m missing my babies.

We went in for private school testing the other week and the baby, after taking a school tour, said, “They have a playground of mulch and one of sand!”  Where did he learn the word mulch?  Now all three are saying, “they have a playground of mulch!”  He wants to know what EVERY word is and then he uses it in context….they all do – my nanny says, “He sounds like a big person.”  I know.

Little lady is taking charge of what she wears.  Well, the eldest is too.  The eldest insists on wearing blue.  Blue everything.  He has to have blue jeans and a blue shirt and blue pajamas.  But his blue jeans are the staple.  And if it’s a day he needs to wear pants, he just melts down.  Plus, where the baby will run around the house in a shirt and underwear, the eldest must be fully clothed at all times – from his ball cap (camo preferred) to his tennis shoes (blue of course) to his belt (which he calls a seat belt).   But for little lady, it’s less about a specific item or color of clothing, and more about expressing her sense of artistic self.  She will come into the living room after bedtime and she will have added pink cowboy boots, a necklace, a headband, and a purse to her pajamas and say, “I’m dressed!”  I used to pick out a couple of outfits for her to pick from but now she really wants to form her own outfits.  Remarkably, she’s doing a fabulous job.  Just the other day she found this precious multi-colored swing top, threw it on with a pink skirt, a pair of knee-high brown boots, and a necklace and we were ready to go.  I would have never pulled that outfit together, but she’s got quite an eye for a three year old (you may notice she’s in a boot phase).

Oh they are so fun.  And so funny.  I can hear them laughing in the other room.  Bray’s trying to wrap up storytime.  It involves the ranch.  I hear, “I LOVE ice cream!” – there must have been sugar promises made.


  1. I can’t imagine life at your house!! I know it must be fun! I have one 3 yr old and it’s taken me 30 mins to read your post (in glances)!

    I could just envision the cheetah episode! I was laughing reading it! : )

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