Little Girl’s Room (and wipees)

Friends, little bit is in her own room!  She spent her very first night in there last Wednesday!  I’m so proud and also a little sad because she’s growing up.  It’s the first time she’s been in her own space since conception.  I was worried she was getting cold feet when the room started coming together, but she rallied.  On her first night, she popped her head into the now-boys-room and said, “Night Boys” and with that she was on her own!

I had so much fun designing it.  I did not want a pinky princessy room even though she’s all girl and pink is her favorite color.  So I started pulling together garden-themed things six months ago.  Butterflies, frogs, flowers, ladybugs, and dragonflies.  What killed me was the bedding.  You can not find bright-colored, no pink, bedding for girls.  I ended up settling in on bedding from the CompanyKids line which was bright and floral though pink was in the mix of colors (much to little bit’s delight).   Plus they had an ADORABLE rug on sale that went perfectly with the room.  I picked a warm yellow for her walls which Bray and I tackled painting in turn.  I found a precious white wooden bed at a nicks and dents furniture outlet store that I got for a steel (and the bed can sit high enough to accommodate a trundle as she gets older and has sleep overs).  They yellow chair in her room was my Mimi’s and I can still see her sitting in it.  We shopped Target for a few accessories because they’re doing a lot of garden-ish stuff for girls rooms.  The only thing that hasn’t come in is her custom butterfly garden chandelier and drawer knobs I found on Etsy with bugs and flowers for her dresser drawer (which is just our old changing table dresser).

Here’s the room:


You can find anything you want on Etsy – here’s the knobs I’ve ordered except I’ve done them in her room colors instead of the ones the artist pictured and the chandelier except we’re not doing feathers and we’re incorporating more colors from the room:


And here’s little bit proudly in her bed on the first night!



But this post would not be complete if I didn’t tell you about our adventure this weekend.  Our plumbing stopped up.  Toliet and dishwasher overun.  Seven people (in-laws visiting) using one toliet and no dishwasher.  Do you know what the plumbers found when they came yesterday and TOOK our toliet off?!?!?


Can’t tell what that is?  It’s wipees.  Yes, apparently my kids at some point put an entire box of wipees and some plastic bags down the toilet to stop up our house plumbing.  When people factor in the costs of kids, I’m pretty sure they don’t factor in these exorbitant plumbing bills….


  1. Oh so sweet (well, not the wipees part, but we’ve experienced similar). I remember when we put our oldest in her own big girl bed, around the same age as your little bit… she looked so… tiny. It was surreal. So I’ve compensated by leaving my almost 5 year old twins in their toddler beds where they are forced to sleep at a diagonal, lol! But that’s a different story!

    • April – it really is sweet, but shocking that she’s already big enough for her own room :( I think when the boys get bunk beds next year it will really push me over the edge!

  2. Elizabeth Bray says:

    YET AGAIN .. I should not laugh .. BUT .. I DID … at least it was not a diaper that an adult put down the toilet .. sorry that happened and I feel for you with no dishwasher … I went through the holidays without one .. and it was a real feat … and my dishpan hands were evidence of the work !!

    • Well Elizabeth – as long as I can make you laugh :) I was only without a dishwasher for a few days, so poor me, but the toilets nearly killed us!!!

  3. That room is darling! And the plumbing… well, not so much! Sorry that happened to you, but I have to admit, it made me smile. (not at your disaster, just at kids!)

  4. Love the new room! It is always sweet when our kiddos transition to a new stage.

  5. Oh I LOVE this room -I realize I am seeing this a year late – but I had to comment!! :) You did a wonderful job!

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