Mommy Minutes

The boy fell asleep with his arm slung over my neck, our noses mere inches apart.  It’s all your heart can do not to explode.  He’d kissed me just moments before and then let go and drifted off.  Hard earned after a busy Sunday.



We do these mommy minutes at night now.  Ever since we moved the boys into twin beds over a month ago, we can now crawl into bed with them.  So after brushed teeth and story time, I can lay next to them, face to face, and talk about whatever they want, or nothing at all, for a few minutes with no sibling interference.  Lately, with the boys, it’s been snakes.  A new obsession with snakes has us exploring the differences between anacondas, water moccasins, pythons, rattlesnakes, and cobras.  I know little about snakes but apparently a hair more than they do.  With the little lady, she’s been reading to me.  I sit and listen to her adaptation of the Berenstain Bears.  Tonight’s involved Captain Hook?  Who knew.


But it’s the undivided attention. The recapping of the day.  The inquiries about what’s in store.  The habit of sharing with one another whatever is the topic of interest.  Oh it’s holy time.  Sacred.  Despite my mess ups of the day and their mess ups of the day, this is our time without anything left but love.  Mere minutes.  Eternal investments.

It was particularly precious last night.  They almost never fall asleep when I’m with them.  That happens after.  It’s like it was the perfect Mother’s Day present.  I don’t ever take those minutes for granted. I didn’t take the day for granted.  With friends who have both lost their mothers and been unable to become mothers, I know this day can be bitter as well as sweet.  It is my great honor to have these years when I both have a mother and am a mother.  And I treasure up these mommy minutes in my heart.


  1. Bonnie Clowney says:

    Absolutely precious! Makes me realize I need to take more pictures of them sleeping! Ahh–sometimes I wish I had someone taking photos and videos over my shoulder all day. It would be so nice to be able to capture it all!

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