Mother, May I?

Do you know this game?  I grew up playing it.  You were given a task, jump forward on one foot, walk backwards, take 5 baby steps, and you asked, “Mother, May I?”  In response you heard, “Yes, you may.”  If you forgot to ask, then back to the starting line you went behind your friendly competitors.

As a mother of three year old triplets, we’ve just begun experimenting with this game.  Along with Simon Says and Red Light/Green Light, we’re teaching the kids to play Mother May I.  The winner has to get all the way from the play room to the front door first.  It’s pretty funny.  And the reality is, most times they forget to ask Mother, May I.  I haven’t had the heart to send them back to the starting line (or the patience – I’d be playing the game for 12 hours).

I’m not sure what mother invented this game, but you know she probably did it to subconsciously teach her kids (a) to ask their mom before doing something silly, and (b) manners.   If you played the game enough times, then surely that “Mother, May I?” process would bleed over into non game-playing areas of life.

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