My Kid Thanks List

I was writing my thankfulness post for tomorrow and so much of it turned into my funny quirky kid stories.  So I thought I’d share a little of that here and save the thankfulness post tomorrow from being overrun.

This Thanksgiving the kids are four.  Is that totally crazy?

This was us in November of 2009.

Baby Thanksgiving 133

Mercy, we look so young.  And we really weren’t that young, but we LOOK so young.

There is so much they are doing and learning that I just stand back and watch, amazed.

I am thankful that little bit still says spesa instead of special.  (“Mommy, you are spesa, in my heart.” Exact. Quote.)

She also calls Despicable Me, “spickita” me.  Sigh.  I heart that.

I love that she is a total girl but also is a cowboy boot wearing farm girl who can ride horses.

I love that they constantly want to tell funny jokes.  Largely, they’re not funny except that they have the format down.  Do you know why the X did Y? Because he had to go to the Z.  My big guy gets a little lost in the storytelling though and doesn’t want the joke to end.  That is sometimes just as funny to see where he actually lands at the end of it all.


This is him blowing one of two duck calls from daddy he wears around the house.  Our house sounds like a cross between a goose migration and a kazoo-fest.

I am thankful for patriotism and littles who know the pledge and cheer for the red white and blue.

(That’s the younger two – the eldest refuses to sing.  So sad.  He won’t dance either.  But he’ll play instruments.)

I’m particularly thankful that the youngest’s new asthma medicine is working.  This time last year we were in the hospital with my man.  We changed from FloVent to QVar as a daily inhaler after a four day hospital stay that was the result of asthma induced pneumonia.  Unfortunately, he still had attacks and we had to use oral steroids a few times to get him back on course.  Plus the QVar was making him really angry and the steroids may have started impacting growth.  We were stuck because we couldn’t back off the meds in winter since that’s when he had the most attacks.  Then in came our pediatric pulmonologist.  He’d helped us when the babies were brand new and on monitors and now we needed specialty advice.  We have transitioned to new prescription maintenance meds and it has made ALL the difference.  No coughing, even when running non stop or during all these fronts, and he’s back to being my precious kindhearted loving guy.  We feel unspeakably thankful for God’s intervention here when we were at our wit’s end.

So that’s my kid train of thought for the day.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  (Don’t forget to check back Friday for impact giving on Black Friday!)


  1. Gindi,
    I giggled reading this, remembering when my teens were little bits and the funny things they’d say and do. My baby (who is officially taller tham me now) still can’t tell a joke. Treasure all this goodness, and know that there is goodness still to come.
    Thanksgiving blessings to all you and yours. Life is full of wonderful, thank God.
    Peace and good.

    • Oh yes Chelle, when they lose all of that baby voice you’re going to have to talk me off a ledge, it is SO precious. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family – many blessings on you all this season.

  2. I love that they have found some medicine that works better for them and am so happy to hear you are seeing the changes already!! Praise God!

  3. :) Happy sigh…so much JOY here! What precious kiddos. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving, my dear friend! I’m so thankful for you! :)


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