My Week In Twitter-ese

Will be so sad when they start saying elephant instead of effalent & helicopter instead of heptacopter #theygrowupfast

The boys peed in the bathtub and little bit says don’t pee on me boys – they have pointers! #ohlordboygirlboytriplets

I so totally love my new job #godisgood

I love my husband’s rendition of Goldilocks, apparently she was coming back from Octoberest #atleasthetellsbedtimestories

Did I mention how much I love my new job #sohappyeveryday #thankful #grateful

In last night’s prayers, the eldest thanked God for the cultipacker #noidontknowwhatitis #ihavefarmkids

The little lady has started saying I need to kiss my boys goodnight #isthatthecutestthing

I think I may always get weak in the knees when my husband kisses me #hothubby #happilymarried

I told the little man he was special and he responds I love you all the time #sigh #heartful

Despite what my hubby thinks, I love coffee with the whole family looking out at the farm landscape #godsbeautyunfolds


  1. ha! Very cute #loveit

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