Texas Dreamin’

I have written since I was a child.  I have stacks of daily journals written with a flourish from my teen years until I married.  After my parents divorced, it seemed the one safe place I could disappear and share.  But it was more than just journaling.  I wrote friends, and boyfriends, letters.  I wrote Christmas letters.  I wrote short stories, with big dreams of an acceptance letter from The New Yorker (though I never submitted them).

But this writing forum is still a little strange to me.  I began writing in October 2010 as a way to record the triplets journey because I had been terrible up to that point of keeping a baby book (three infants will do that to you).  I also have an awful memory and this felt like a real-time preservation system.  But God must have known even then He could use it for something bigger.  This forum is still part-time kids memory book, part-time daily journaling, and part-time a place for working women who have a relationship with God or are interested in learning more about faith to connect.

Holley Gerth was gracious enough to accept me to be a part of her God-sized Dream Team.   She has assembled an amazing group of dreaming women to come together to actually put action behind those lofty dreams.  I love the quote at the top of her post today, “She knew that many were the plans in her heart, but that God’s purpose would prevail.”   Hey, if you missed this, I am a dreamer.  I’d like about a dozen careers – environmental attorney, writer, speaker, party planner, wardrobe consultant, philanthropist…  My husband calls me an idealist.  I’m a glass is half full kind of a girl.

But this is one thing I know, I do have a dream to reach and connect working women of faith.  For too long, the Christian community has failed to provide opportunities for working women, especially mommas, to grow in their faith.  If kids are sick on Sunday and you can’t make a morning study because you have a full-time job, then there’s no way to learn about God or grow in your relationship.  Sometimes even the “church” message is negative towards career women.  My father and grandfather were both pastors.  I grew up when the church had some ideas that might not have welcomed me as I am now.  This is what I love – people are God’s imperfect messengers.  But the message is perfect.  The message is a warm and welcoming one of love and encouragement for working women.   If you ever got some negative messaging and left “religion” because of it, please let me offer you a second look.  God is good.  He’s not going to reach out His hand with a Hell-fire message.  He stands at the ready to help you wherever you are with whatever you believe and whatever your set of doubts.

So I’m dreaming this morning that this will be a place working women will come.  I’m dreaming that we’ll find ways to connect here through the comments and messages and through Twitter and Facebook and all the other crazy technology.  And I encourage you today that if you have a dream, and it seems totally far-fetched, come walk on our God-sized Dream journey with us this year and see if there are a few steps you can take, baby steps, to bring you ever closer to that vision in your head.



  1. Hi Gindi-I hopped from Teri Lynn, to Holley to here. Just downloaded the ebook to my Kindle this morning. I love your heart to serve working women in their faith. I contract sometimes in my former “full time” employment place. I know the struggles of both being at home and being at work. God is there with me either way. As a Bible study teacher, I am very aware of the support and encouragement your heart longs to provide to women of faith who are in the workplace. Bravo! May God bring the dream to fruition.

  2. Hi Gindi,

    You’re next to me at Holley’s, so I hopped over. You are a wonderful writer. I pray God opens up many avenues to your dream about working women, and even a few more of those many dreams he’s placed in your heart! Blessings to your new year!

    • Pam – thanks for coming over. I’m excited to read all of the link ups at Holleys – thanks for your encouragement!

  3. I needed this today! Before you wrote it, I never realized how working women are a little discriminated against in the church. Makes me sad. I love what I do but even more I love my kids. It’s not an option to chose one or the other, so why won’t churches make a little more effort to minister to us? Maybe they do and my plate is so full, I couldn’t take on anything else anyway, lol! I am glad you post on things that are so relevant to working women and moms in general!


    • Thanks so much April. I do think there is a recognition more could be done but if you look at our schedules WHEN IS a good time, right? :) It’s so hard for us to find time, though important for us to connect, I try to do live bible studies downtown where I live but this spring it had to be virtual b/c of scheduling. I think we’re an ever moving target w/our jobs and our kids. So glad you came by!

  4. Hi Gindi,

    Your post really hit home to me! I’m a disability attorney in Arkansas and a momma to a one-year-old. I used to work downtown and there was a lunchtime Bible study I would drop in on. Since I moved jobs, there is no such thing nearby. I cant do Wednesday nights at church because the little one is in daycare all day and is asleep by 7. So glad I found your site to do a study virtually.

    God Bless!

    P.S.: your kiddos are adorable!

    • Lydia – thank you. It really is a challenge and I think that some of the structures in the institution have made it hard for some churches to modernize. The great thing about technology is the ability to help us grow and connect on a flexible working mom’s schedule – I’m so glad you came by!

  5. I love your dream and your heart for working women! What a blessing you are! So glad to have met you! : )

  6. Great post today. My favorite part was -This is what I love – people are God’s imperfect messengers. But the message is perfect. SO TRUE! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and yourself with us. I’m glad we are on the same team.

  7. I love what you do here, Gindi! Refreshment for working women–such a wonderful and worthy goal. Thanks for sharing your heart as you work toward that God-sized dream!

  8. Love your dream, Gindi! No more shame for working Christian moms! We don’t need a local church to minister to us, when we have a space like this:-)) Thank you for all that you do!

    • Thanks so much Theresa – hopefully this will reach the in between places and people that the church can’t connect with.

  9. What a joy it will be journeying along with you as we pursue our GOD-SIZED dreams!! I’m confident the work He’s begun in us will be completed by HIM.


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