When The Nutcracker Doesn’t Unravel Like You Thought

We survived The Nutcracker.

Not performing IN The Nutcracker.

Attending it.

Downtown at Wortham Center in Houston.

If you missed my Galveston adventure, then you may be surprised that this is post-worthy.

If you caught my Galveston adventure, you’re probably thinking I must have been high to try.

But the tickets were free.  And there was a stage reception afterwards with the opportunity to meet the performers and be served super fun kid food (complete with juice boxes served on silver trays).

We went to church this morning.  An unmitigated disaster.

Then we went to the grocery store.  A mess.

Then we arrived at the theatre.

And they were angels.


They only went to the bathroom at intermission (again a feat given Galveston).  They sat relatively quietly, second act was harder than the first, and only pulled on one of my co-workers’ teenage daughter’s hair.  They loved the music.  (I’d indoctrinated them with Tom & Jerry’s The Nutcracker, so they already knew it.)  They loved the dancers.  Little man even asked if he could try some of the ballet tricks with the little lady at home.

They were delighted about meeting the dancers.  Surprisingly, the eldest was QUITE smitten with the ballerinas.  He ran up ran up to them as enthusiastically as my actual ballerina.



I had my darling friends praying I’d survive it.  But we did one better.  We had fun!


  1. Awesome! Makes me think of all the times this crazy season of holiDAZE that’s if we just stopped and prayed and spent time with our loved ones-so many things would go smoother. A reminder to do that. Love love u!

  2. Matt Kuryla says:

    We’re so glad you and the kiddos enjoyed it. Maybe next time, IN the performance!

  3. Love it! :) I’ve been asking hubby to take me to the Nutcracker…can you believe I’ve never seen it? Always wanted to, though…and maybe Mae would actually sit through it and enjoy it…this gives me hope. :) Happy Monday, friend!

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