Fashion Fridays: Steal This Look

All too often, Fashion Fridays are theoretical: This is a good thing to pair with this; consider partnering this accessory or shoe.  But sometimes if you don’t have someone there to actually give you direct feedback in the dressing room, the application can get a little rough.

That got me to thinking I should do a “Steal this Look” segment.  I am always passing women with fabulous outfits that I want to use for inspiration.

Then, just yesterday as I was writing this post, I saw two AWESOME outfit ideas with same general “look.”  Since I haven’t yet screwed up the courage to ask random women to let me photograph them in passing, I tried to find a comparable photo on line.  Then, I found places you could purchase items to give you a similar look.

So here goes (and let me know if there’s an event you’d like a Steal This Look segment on)…the theme today is “Something You Might Wear While at A Business Meeting On A Dude Ranch in Bandera, Texas.”  Or, lest that be a little too specific to my current surroundings, we’ll just call it Cowboy Chic.

Now I couldn’t find anything quite as authentic “Texas” as I saw yesterday, but basically my leading candidate paired an adorable faux fur long vest with a simple patterned button down, skinny jeans, and cowboy boots.  Another woman had done something similar but with riding boots and more monochromatic.  Here’s as close as I could find:


1.  First must have item: The Vest!

_8283575 (2)

This is a great buy at Nordstrom’s and is on sale for $92!!


This is also a great buy at Nordstrom’s, a little fuzzy for my taste, but it’s $89!


And this final option is more my speed but way too pricey (even on sale) and it uses real fur which is not my thing.  (On a side note, I love this all gray look paired with a LEOPARD print heel!)

2.  The next item up: The Boot! 

This totally depends on whether you want to rock the cowboy boot or you are more comfortable with the classic rider.  I’ll give you both options.  Luckily, a lot of folks are running boot sales so you can go nuts here.


Oh I love these.  They’re “fashion-y” cowboy boots but the real deal from Cavender’s (if you don’t know, it’s the quintessential boot shop around here).


If you’re looking for a more subtle, and more reasonable option, you can pick these up from DSW for $69.


I love these riding boots.  They are from DSW and the details like the buckle and zipper just made me fall completely in love – they’re priced at $150.


And if you want to get a great deal, I think these lovely black riding boots are a STEAL at $69.95 from DSW!

Okay, this post would be crazy long if I found you skinny jeans too, but I had to at least do the top for the vest, so….

3.  The final item: the layering blouse.


I adore this shirt from J. Crew, it is so interesting to me.  It’s $89 and if you are just throwing money away there’s a higher end one that is similar to this shirt that runs $250 in the J. Crew Collection (y’all, who spends $250 on a SHIRT?).


Really fun subtle poppy button down from Banana Republic running $69.


Okay, so this is not perfect; these sleeves should not be this full underneath a bulky furry vest, but heavens y’all, this is $10 at Macy’s!!!!  So  you get the concept of a simple solid cowl neck tunic to layer under the vest, but I couldn’t help to share this since you’d get a HECK of a deal offered in three colors!  (I’m a gray lover….)

Don’t think I forgot about accessories, especially given last week’s post.  If you’re wearing a cowl, turtle, or boat neck, then wear a funky long chain.  If you’re wearing a button down, I suggest an eclectic pendant that hangs in your clavicle.  I have plenty of options but no more space so happy shopping!

(Don’t forget to pick the next steal this look style!)


  1. Ok, I’m swooning over all of those vests…especially the top, middle one. Sigh. I picked a bad time to tell my husband I wasn’t going to buy anything for a month! (But I AM over a week in…) 😉 Love this! Happy Friday to you, friend…have a beautiful weekend.

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