Fashion Fridays: Winter Must-Haves

Oh Fashion Fridays, how I’ve missed you.

But we’re back.  Send in any and all suggestions for fashion topics for the year.  Email me or comment in the post and I’ll try to tackle it one week.

Is anyone else frozen?

Tuesday, it was 20 degrees.  In Houston, Texas.  Y’all, that’s cold.  (I know, my friend in Minnesota is sneering at me as she sits at minus 20….)

So what better to kick off a fashion post in the dead of winter than your winter must-haves?  (And they are all on SALE!)

I thought of this as I was LIVING in my fabulous leopard print scarf from Banana Republic.  I was on the fence about buying it last season but now I wear it with everything.  And I wear it around the office when our space doesn’t thaw!  So that takes us to item number 1….

1.  A fabulous but warm scarf.  I vote for last season’s Banana leopard scarf. I don’t like the one they’re selling this year plus it doesn’t appear to be as warm.  Here’s last season’s number:


It’s muted so you can wear it with anything but it’s got some flair.  And how adorable that winter coat is with the scarf?  Oh how I need a winter coat.  I’ve ordered two and returned them.  I have a casual ski jacket and a very formal wool full length coat that I have from law school but no good modern every day coat.  Which takes me to Number 2….

2.  A great winter coat.  Here’s the hiccup with winter coats – you need to buy up a size so you can wear them over blazers and bulky sweaters.  We southern girls don’t really know much about that but I’m finding it out when it’s TWENTY degrees outside!

All the best coats I can’t actually find.  This ivory is old season Banana Republic and the green is Zara.


I love this one that’s still available at Dillard’s, but the reality is I’m not ready to spend $400 on a coat when I live in Houston….ditto for the red one that’s been marked down to $600 from Nordstrom’s…


So if you can’t splurge on the coat of your dreams, sweaters are a heck of a lot more accessible.  And disposable.  So that takes me to item number 3…

3.  A fun sweater.  Oh my, there are so many options.  I’m wearing more “swingy” sweaters right now until I lose a few pounds, but there are so many lovely options.

The first is a simple cashmere sweater that comes in a zillion colors from Nordstrom’s for only $79.  The next one is Banana because I love me some BR.  Does anyone think I’m mad for loving this oversized fuzzy black and white sweater, also Nordstrom?  In the, yes you’re crazy, may I have another, category, here comes a fish sweater from Talbots!  And this sweater cape is on sale at Gap (and all their color block sweaters are less than $50).

sweater1 sweater

sweater2 sweater3sweaters


Okay, so what’s your winter essential?  And is it still available??


  1. I travel to different preschools as part of my job, I am a special ed teacher. Last year I worked in a rural area and it just seemed even colder in that area. I am in PA and it does get cold in the winter. I have never been one to pay a ton of attention to my coats. The one I was using at the time was likely 10 years old. I discovered that I was freezing!!! So I tried on some nicer looking coats and nothing cut it, I sprang for Colombia 30 below coat and I have 0 regrets, it might not be dressy but it certainly keeps me warm. Recently I needed a coat for church and I had looked every where to stumble upon a coat on clearance at Old Navy for $15, it is a gray wool blend peacoat and for 1 day a week I am hoping it will hold up at least through the season! I know ON does not last! They have it in plaid now and that is it. Lands end has been my go to for some sweaters this season and I love a local consignment shop, love getting scarves there! I wear a scarf at least 3 x a week and they can be pricey.

    • Oh yes Carrie – you are right, the dress coats are almost never warm enough if you live up north where it gets freezing cold! Fortunately, we have one 20 degree day all year. And sometimes getting a deal on a coat for a season is the best short term solution!

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