Fashion Fridays: You Really Should Wear A Necklace

Okay, maybe not with everything.

But it’s amazing what the simple addition of a necklace can do for an outfit.  It’s a conversation starter.  It’s a differentiator.  It’s a personality expression.

Now I know a number of my girlfriends out there are shaking their heads and saying, “I’m just a simple gold hoop kind of a girl.  I don’t like jewelry.  Or have time.  Or know how to pick the right piece.”

Alrighty, well let’s at the very least knock that last excuse out.  And not EVERY piece of jewelry is some crazy statement piece.  Granted, some of mine are but I’m a statement piece girl.  I also wear turquoise blazers, so….

There are times, of course, when a necklace would kill the outfit.  It wouldn’t lay right in the neckline or it would be TOO much going on.  Here’s a couple of examples of both necklines and patterns that necessitate jewelry being minimal and necklaces staying in your closet:

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If you look at fashion magazines with models wearing tie necks or halter necklines, you will rarely see a necklace.

However, if you look at some necklines, even ones you might not consider.

For example, THE TURTLENECK.  Wear a necklace for heaven’s sake.   It’s one of the quickest ways to modernize what can sometimes be an older or boring wardrobe piece.  (Not ALL turtlenecks need a necklace!)  Your best option here is a longer necklace that counterbalances the weight of the neck – think an interesting chain or a tassel over short heavy beads.


I am in love with this red striped turtleneck paired with long gold chain and neutral blazer and boots.  It’s partner, the navy ensemble, pairs a slightly bulkier necklace that is not quite as long, but it’s needed in order to be visible under the sweater topper.

But the most versatile of all is a button down or crew neckline.  Both of these can pair well with a big statement necklace (or a little statement necklace depending on your size and comfort zone).  The one thing to try out first is where pieces of the necklace fall.  You don’t want to have to fiddle all day with necklaces getting stuck half in and half out of your neckline.  Fortunately, many statement necklace pieces now have the ability to adjust how long or short they hang so you can get the neckline just right.


See?  Everything from cocktail to a simple tee accommodates an interesting necklace.  The more neutral the background, the bolder the necklace can be (note how simple the earrings are with a bold necklace).  And that last adorable look that combines beads over a button down and crew is available at Banana Republic!


Here you can see a button down accommodates anything from a simple link gold necklace, to a longer bib, to a shorter chunky multi-colored necklace. Each look really reads more intentional because of the addition of interesting accessories.  (Note, either of these necklines can also pair with a long necklace.)

What’s your read on necklaces?  No way or must have?

AND……….don’t forget to send me your Fashion Friday post ideas, I’ve got a year to fill!


  1. I have just a couple of each different length that serve me well enough. Just basic gold or silver. I love my Silpada pieces. I try to balance simplicity in life with my love for fashion and accessories. How about scarves? Those, I have an overabundance! And, oh! How I love them!


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