The Not so Wordless Wednesday


I didn’t actually think we’d be in this place at four years old.

She started acting up before bed and I just chalked it up to her being tired.

I finally went into her room and she was crying.

I asked her what was wrong and she said, “She didn’t want me to play hide and seek with her.”

Her dear sweet friend, the one she talks about nonstop and plans imaginary events for, had told her she wasn’t going to play with her that day.

It had broken her heart.

I kissed her wet cheeks and wrapped her up in my arms and said, “Some days are going to be hard.  Some days people will be unkind to you or hurt your feelings.  On those days, I want you to know you have a safe place here.  I love you so much and daddy loves you and the boys love you and you can always know we will love you and want you here.”

I actually worried it might be too much for a four year old but she started crying afresh, the way you would cry if you’d been hurt and someone told you that they loved you, and rolled over into me.


I know it feels small.  But it makes a big difference.  Letting your child or your spouse or your friend know they have a safe place.  Letting them know that even when they feel alone or excluded, they are so loved.  That makes all the difference in the world.

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  1. Oh yes…if we could only shield their precious hearts from any hurts!! Love that you shared this!

  2. Oh, bless her sweet, precious heart. I just want to send my Mae there so the two of them can play hide and seek together. I just know Mae would love playing with her! Love this. :)

    • Oh yes Mel, I keep saying that Kristen needs to bring Karlena, and we’ll bring sweet Mae, and have a girls weekend full of love and tea parties :)

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