Welcome friend.  I am so happy you are here.  I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is have a lunch with my best girlfriends.  Problem is, with our busy schedules filled to overflowing with work, family, and community, that treat rarely occurs.  So I’ve created this little spot in the corner of the world for us to connect over lunch, even if it’s just remotely today.  So come on in, look around, and you’ll find us at the corner table in the back of the restaurant where we can laugh loud and talk at once and not disturb the rest of the patrons (too much).

As for me, I wear several hats these days.  I’ve been an attorney for over 15 years.  I practice in Houston with an energy company and love my career.  I wrote a book on leadership that released in 2013!  I had the honor of serving as the President of the Women’s Energy Network last year and now help with leadership initiatives on the Board of the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce.  I waited a long time to get married, but now I’m married to a terrific guy who couldn’t be more different from me.  He’s laid back, I’m not.  He’s got a farm and a ranch and I love fancy restaurants and hotels.  We’ve been together eleven years now and married nine.  We always wanted a family but struggled for a long time to have one.  We went through every test and treatment around and gave up. But then, all in God’s timing, boy did we get a family.  In the fall of 2009, we welcomed triplets into our lives.  The eldest (by 30 seconds) is the calmest, the engineer, the lover.  The middle child is the only girl and is our singer/dance/artist/fearless leader.  The baby is ridiculously funny and smart and curious.  They are five.  Yes, three preschoolers feels like 10 kids, but we are madly in love with them.

I love coffee.  I listen to jazz and Tom Petty, though rarely simultaneously.  I drink wine.  I think writing is the most amazing outlet God gave humankind.  My faith is my touchstone in all that I do and, while I am confident I fail every week living that out, I have a relationship with a God that is full of grace and forgiveness and love.

I’m entirely uncoordinated.  I’m tall so people think I played sports but that just makes me laugh.  I find politics fascinating though I no longer want to run for office.  I would have been a terrible stay at home mom because I am an insane Type-A planner chick, and my kids would have been stressed out all the time.  So I pour that nuttiness into my career and speaking and writing, and my kids just get mommy-me.  I have fabulous girlfriends.  I would be so lonely without them.  I’m so excited to have you join our little troupe and can’t wait to get to know you better.